About My Journey with Tongue Teaserz...& Family

Deepali : Avid Baker & Cake Decorator,
Founder & Editor of Tongue Teaserz
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Hi! Welcome to My Blog!
Such an unusual name for a company, more like a phrase & rhyme. Thats what you must be thinking..isn't it? I'll tell you Why? Fooooood!!!
It wasn't as if I was name hunting, it just sort of came to me, Tongue Teaserz! Something that would tease the tongue endlessly...!
Yes! Yummy Food! Boy! Wasn I proud!...

  As an NRI, I spent my childhood in Kenya, Africa. I have always been a proud foodie. Its Live to Eat  for me!
 Never having helped my Fantastic Cook Mother in the kitchen, I did follow her about the kitchen seeing what she came up with every now & then & ofcourse CLEAN THE LADDLE for her. I was very unsure if I could ever put up a dish single handedly like her.  But, I actually kickstarted my culinary skills post marriage. Mastering & making each dish better than before for my married family and getting a Super Thumbs Up from Mom(I am blessed to have 2 fabulous Mothers as Gr8 cooks) made me sure I can do something with my Passion for cooking & turn it into a Career!
...My journey with Tongue Teaserz began in the year 2008, a year after my marriage, as a Baker & Confectioner! I do have an Art Bone in me so decorating was 1st hand. I baked a number of cakes then & later in the year, I bagged a huge order for home-made chocolates during a festive season - Diwali.
Thats when it hit me, I saw myself as an avid baker & cake decorator. Taking this a step further, I started baking and selling the baked goods ~ biscuits, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, puffs, brownies etc...
My Hubby, has been my backbone thru out, & always been the support system whenever I felt his need. Great Thanks to Him!!:)
My family played a huge role in being the pillars I could lean on whenever I felt things would not work out. And their support has given me gr8 confidence!

Tongue Teaserz caters corporate offices(canteens & cafeterias), birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, mini get togethers, kittie parties, ladies clubs and more! 
Email me at welcomekaribu@gmail.com for more information.
***Please visit Tongue Teaserz Shop to know more about what we offer. It would be great if you would leave comments on the posts I make for me to get a 3rd person opinion as well as to provide better handmade products for you .***
          Thank-you so much for dropping by!:))

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  1. Well written Deepali. Tongue Teaserz,the roll on the tongue feels good. And immediately reminds one of delicious foods.