Friday, 4 April 2014

Schezuan Chips

Got a knack for Chinese food? My hubby is totally into Chinese food and so I have to keep up my toes for that flavor! I cant compare how I make Schezuan Chips with the ones served at Chowpaty in Nairobi (diamond plaza) but I have tried too alittle..! Chowpaty's Schezuan Chips are delicious, finger licking to say the least. If u ever do go to Kenya, then these Chinese flavored chips are a must must try.


Potatoes – 7 pcs, peel, wash and cut in strips                       Capsicum – 2 pcs, cut in thick strips

Onion – 2 pcs, diced                                                                       Butter – 2 tbsp

Schezuan Sauce  - 4 tbsp                                                               Paprika – 1 tbsp

Corriander – 2 tbsp                                                                        Black pepper – ½ tsp

Salt – as per taste                                                                             a dash of lemon

Spring onion greens – 2 tbsp


* Heat oil in a pan. Deep fry cut potato strips in oil till golden brown. Keep aside.

* Melt butter in another pan on low heat. Add onions and fry till edges of onions brown. Add capsicum. Fry for 2 mins. (don’t let capsicums die).

* Add Schezuan sauce and stir for 2 mins. (Let the sauce get a little dry. You don't want soggy chips.) Add fried chips, salt, pepper, paprika and mix well till all ingredients are mixed well with sauce. Turn off gas.

* Remove in serving plate. Garnish with coriander and spring onion greens. Squeeze a dash of lemon. Serve hot.

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