Friday, 15 June 2012

Hot from the Oven - Brownies!

Caramel & Twix Brownie. Hot in the Pan
Brownie & Icecream
 Brownie dough is one thing that we cant stay away from much less baked brownies! OHHH! the heavenly aroma of baking chocolate!Goodnesssss i tell u.....! Half a day and all my brownies are WHOOSSHHH!Gone! Chocolate sauce drizzled oved hot brownies is usually something people prefer. Tip # - if u get hold of a cold brownie pop it into the micro for 30sec together with icecream & drizzle extrachocolate sauce plus put some marshamallows for add ins! TELL ME HOW IT WAS???


  1. Sounds yummy. is that twix chocolate?

  2. hey!.it is yummy. especially when it bakes. that chocolate baking aroma is tempting.yes that is twix chocolate. the best part of this brownie is that the twix choc pieces do not melt, they just get soft & when u bite into the brownie, u get a number of textures: spongy, crumbly, biscuity, something melting, chewy.