Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dark Belgian Mousse Cake

Belgium!Mmmmm...Dark Belgium Chocolates are Mwahhh! I haven't used Belgium Chocolate in my mousse but a typically extra dark chocolate thats gives a certain sour taste & sweetness coming form the Whipped Cream adds richness to the Cake.  If u havent tried it, nows ur chance...Grab It!


There is no comparison of M.O.D's Doughnuts. They are really good but trust me when u taste fresh homemade doughnuts, they are just finger-licking, especially to have all that chocolate...YUMMM!. Crispy Outer with soft center. Just yummmm!

Black Forest Cake!

 My first Cake was a Black Forest with no guidance at all. Just mixed few ingredients & Voila! There it was - My first Black Forest Cake! (Not so bad). Tell me, who doesn't like Black Forest Cake? But again who doesn't like a 2nd attempted Black Forest Cake with Cherry Sauce & Dark Chocolate???